What is the refund policy?

Due to the fact that I sell digital products, I am unable to offer refunds. By purchasing you agree to these terms.

How do I receive my product?

After purchasing you will be provided with a direct link to download your product on the confirmation page. The files will be downloaded to your computer in a. Zip folder. You will need to extract them.

Are the sound packs royalty-free?

Sound packs are royalty-free for beat leases and for exclusive purchases.

However, for placements with large artists and labels, samples need to be cleared with me. I am entitled to a royalty and a performance percentage.

If you make a track with one of my samples and it gets placed I will be fair to work with when it comes to splits. The clearance process with me is easy and fair in contrast to working with labels on sample clearance.


(One-shots and presets are completely royalty-free.)

Why should I buy a sound pack with royalties?

I guarantee that I put my best into designing these unique sounds to inspire and get your creative juices flowing. I guarantee that all sounds are original and organic. Nothing is recycled from other producers and sound designers.

What software can I use your products in?

My sounds can be used in any software or sampler that supports the usage of .wav files.

Preset banks require ownership of the specified software.


Are preset packs royalty free?